Hi, I’m Sara

As a User Experience Designer, I help solve complicated human problems by observing complicated human interactions.

How? By collaborating with multidsaraisciplinary teams, our observations are synthesized and turned into insights from which solutions arise.

In My Role I Wear Many Hats

(and one analyst pantsuit)

Ask lots of questions, research and observe

Synthesize discoveries, highlight patterns and turn them into insights

Problem solve solutions, prioritize the best ones and make a prototype

Present users with the prototype, ask lots of questions and observe

Empower clients and team in design decisions by facilitating collaborative workshops and charrettes

Professional Work

I have collaborated on interactive experiences in multiple industries and have worked with clients like Entertainment One, Corus Entertainment, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Royal Bank of Canada, Bank of Montreal and the Royal Ontario Museum.

You can find some of my latest work on Behance.